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Ever wonder what happened to all our multimedia? Well, read on to find out!

What The World Is Watching!
Before What The World Is Watching (, WTWIW) was known for their enormous selection of vintage wrestling merchandise, they were once known for their even larger selection of wrestling multimedia! They had anything you could imagine on every single wrestler. They had photographs, biographies, themes, titan trons, videos, mega mixes, and more! What made their selection unique was it ranged from Ahmed Johnson to Zeus with everyone in between! They had multimedia from every federation from the AWA to the WWE. The site only grew in popularity and everyone loved all the free multimedia!

Or so we thought... Not everyone was enjoying all the multimedia that was being freely distributed. In fact there was one major party that was strongly opposed to it, World Wrestling Entertainment and their lawyers. World Wrestling Entertainment did not appreciate the free distribution of their copyrighted material and began to crackdown on any website displaying WWE intelluctual property. Demand letters were sent to almost every website that had as much as a single picture of a WWE wrestler on it. World Wrestling Entertainment meant business, but so did owner, Brenden M. Moore.

A letter from the WWF's lawyers!
On January 4, 2001, Brenden received a letter from one of the largest law firms in the world, Kirkpatrick and Lockhart, LLP. The letter demanded that any and all WWE intellectual property be removed from within ten (10) days. Failure to comply to the request, would result in legal action. At first, we thought the letter was some sort of joke. Why would World Wrestling Entertainment want a site to remove materials that promoted their product? We were not using any of their materials for profit, they were simply freely distributed. Only WWE and their fans were gaining from the free exposure, not anyone else. It just did not make any sense.

Brenden decided to wait the ten days (10) before contacting one of nation's largest law firms. In his mind he had nothing to lose. In fact he often joked, "If they do sue me, I only own a Cannondale Bicycle... (Brenden had just turned eighteen at this time and didn't own much) I guess they could have the Undertaker ride it to the ring." On January 14, Brenden contacted the Pittsburgh, PA branch of Kirkpatrick and Lockhart, LLP where Brenden was immediatley put through to the author of the demand letter, Ms. Megan Carpenter, Esq. According to Brenden, "Ms. Carpenter put a new meaning to WWF Attitude!"

A letter to WWF's lawyers
After his rather unpleasant conversation with the WWE lawyer, Brenden decided it was best to adhere to WWE's warning and remove the materials. However, there was a problem with WWE's warning. They were asking Brenden to remove materials from and another website that he had no affiliation with. Brenden quickly recognized this mistake and drafted his own settlement letter. This letter corrected the mistake of WWE and included a clause preventing WWE from taking legal action for's previous copyright infringements. The letter was mailed, and all was well until August.

On August 13, World Wrestling Entertainment decided that the banner that was displayed on the home page was in violation of their copyright laws as well. The banner featured Bill Goldberg, Bret Hart, X Pac, Godfather, HHH, and some other wrestlers. They contacted Brenden and told him that the banner must be removed. Brenden eventually removed the banner per WWE's request. The removal of that banner and all the multimedia signified the end to as many had come to know it. Brenden felt terrible seeing the very popular website end in such a manner. He knew the multimedia posted on the site was a source of enjoyment for hundreds of thousands of people. However, Brenden did try his best to fight World Wrestling Entertainment. If you don't believe us feel free to view the actual letters between the two parties:

World Wrestling Federation Contacts (January 4, 2001) - Page 1
World Wrestling Federation Contacts (January 4, 2001) - Page 2
World Wrestling Federation Contacts (January 4, 2001) - Page 3
Brenden M Moore Contacts World Wrestling Federation (January 24, 2001) - Page 1
Brenden M Moore Contacts World Wrestling Federation (January 24, 2001) - Page 2
Brenden M Moore Contacts World Wrestling Federation (January 24, 2001) - Page 3
World Wrestling Federation Contacts (January 30, 2001) - Page 1
World Wrestling Federation Contacts (August 13, 2001) - Page 1
World Wrestling Federation Contacts (August 13, 2001) - Page 2

Brenden was truly disappointed in having to adhere to WWE's requests. However, it was the proper thing to do. World Wrestling Entertainment was kind enough to allow Brenden to use the multimedia for four years. They did produce and own any of the items in question. Most importantly, they do have the right to direct who uses it and how it is used. Unfortunately, simply was not the same without the multimedia. This fact posed a new challenge for Brenden, "Bring back to life, but better than before!" It took a year and a half, but Brenden did answer the challenge!

A Message from Brenden M. Moore

No more Cannondale! I hope you all enjoyed our journey to get where we are today. It all started as a dream, the dream almost turned into a nightmare. Luckily, I was able to wake up before the nightmare ended and turn the original dream into reality. I hope everyone enjoyed what I was able to bring to you in the past. I would like everyone to know that I donated hundreds of hours of my time to give the Internet free wrestling multimedia and a free theme music mailing list. I'd also like everyone to know that I enjoyed every minute of it! I hope everyone understands that I will never be able to offer any kind of multimedia like I once did, not because that I don't want to do it. Trust me, I'd love to do it again, but I can't. It is unfair to World Wrestling Entertainment. Vince McMahon and his family work just as hard as I do to provide you, the fans with something great. He has every right to allow exclusive use of his material. Without his efforts, there never would have been any wrestling multimedia in the first place, just remember that.

Oh yeah, as far as that Cannondale H300 bike goes, I traded it in for something a little nicer. I only upgraded somewhat, just a little bit. Okay, so I upgraded a lot. Its not a BMW M3 or anything, but before there was the M3, there was the M30! However, I still really want a nice Rolls Royce, so please feel free to
Okay, I'm not going to humor you anymore. Enjoy all the hard work that has been put into the site, and I'm "Off to the Races!"

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